Restaurant Review: Eggs in Eden Prairie, Chanhassen and Waconia

Scrambled, fried or baked eggs are delicious at any meal
The Scotch eggs at JJ’s Coffee + Wine Bistro in Eden Prairie are a great addition to a cocktail-infused brunch

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, eggs rank not only as nutritional powerhouses, but as terrific tasting meal makers, too. Loaded with protein and low in carbs, eggs are filling. Eggs take center stage and highlight almost every kind of cuisine: American, British, Chinese, Mexican, Italian or French. Try your egg in an airy omelet, hot dish, feisty taco, satisfying salad or even on top of a good old hamburger.


JJ’s Coffee + Wine Bistro

Scotch eggs make a guest appearance for weekend brunch, “undoubtedly the best meal of the week,” JJ’s Wine Bar + Bistro proclaims. True to British origins, hard boiled eggs sport layers of sausage and a double thick coating of batter. Deep-fried to a deep golden brown, the Scotch eggs have a crunchy outside. Bite into creamy bands of rich dough and sausage crumbles that encase a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg with a sunny-yellow crumbly yolk. “The eggs are cage-free and hyper local from a hobby farm in the southwest metro,” says Mark Jundt, owner. The pub-grub inspired dish comes with rosemary garlic potatoes and a dollop of grainy whole kernel mustard. Complete your atmospheric Anglophile meal with JJ’s “hand-crafted cocktail, the Hendricks Ellison, which is Hendricks gin, fresh squeezed lime juice, mint and muddled cucumber,” suggests Jundt. $9.25.
7942 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie; 952.974.1000


Peoples Organic
Strata isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Paired with a nice glass of red wine, this traditional egg bake makes a good dinner. This strata resembles a quiche only with a croissant crust instead of pie crust. The croissant base soaks into the egg custard overnight before baking, putting “a really good texture to it,” says Ray Roberts, chef and owner. Chunks of Fischer Farm ham and nutty Gruyere cheese add salty protein to the layered savory, custard-like egg dish. A healthy serving of carbs round out the meal with sides of fried organic potatoes accented with herbs de Provence and snappy toast wedges. $8.
990 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie; 952.582.1237



Egg salad makes for a good lunch or light dinner any time of year. Tidy and tasty tidbits assemble into everything from dainty tea sandwiches worthy of fine china to more homespun everyday quick meal fixes. Don’t be fooled by the frilly look. Creamy chunks of eggs dressed in canola mayonnaise have true staying power. “It’s a delicious, fresh and hearty dish, great for a quick lunch on the go, or take home for dinner or sandwiches the next day,” says Jill Krantz-Holter, events and community relations coordinator. All natural cage-free eggs, along with sustainable sourcing and fresh preparation from Lakewinds deli, put healthy sensibility into every bite. “It’s made from all natural ingredients, and is appealing to vegetarians, adults, children and everyone who loves a traditional egg salad,” says Krantz-Holter. $9.99 per pound.
435 Pond Promenade, Chanhassen; 952.697.3366



On weekends, good, spicy egg tacos come in threes. Heat up your brunch with a trio of Spanish-style chorizo sausage and scrambled egg filled tacos.
A faint flame of heat enlivens the eggs, while a cheese blend adds creaminess to the dish. Taste the difference in fresh, made from scratch authentic Mexican cuisine, albeit slightly Americanized for brunch. With a choice of beans and potatoes, breakfast tacos pack enough nourishing sustenance to keep you going all day long. $6.95.
16388 Wagner Way, Eden Prairie; 952.426.1597


Mackenthun’s Fine Foods

Warm and welcoming, an egg bake is like a good homemade hot dish made over for breakfast.
Mackenthun’s homemade pork sausage, cheddar cheese and other secret ingredients bake into a mouthwatering, no nonsense, meat and potatoes comfort food. The cheese tops off the dish with a gloriously gooey crust. Available through special catering only, the egg bake is an ideal brunch buffet feature. $5.99 per pound.
851 Marketplace Drive, Waconia; 952.442.2512


Original Pancake House
Put some poof into your eggs and serve them up on a farmhouse-sized plate. It’s not easy to fluff up eggs into a fancy soufflé omelet, but the Original Pancake House does so by the dozen and then some. Yes, soufflé omelets come 12 different ways. The Santa Fe with zippy jalapeño peppers, Mediterranean with warm-weather veggies and classic Denver-style western are some of the most popular. Any way you choose, a four-egg omelet makes for serious eating for breakfast, brunch or lunch. As if an overflowing plate full of omelet weren’t enough food to fill you up, a side of toast or three pancakes comes alongside. $10.50–$11.50.
549 Prairie Center Drive; Eden Prairie; 952.224.9440

A four-egg souffle omelet from the Original Pancake House in Eden Prairie makes for a filling meal (Photo courtesy of Original pancake house)


Red Moon Café
Egg foo young takes a lighter turn at the Red Moon Café. The recipe is authentic to traditional Chinese cooking, except for the shape. To cater to American eating preferences, chef and owner Tat Kwan forms more uniform pancake-like patties with a scoop. The egg foo young is grilled like an omelet rather than deep fried. Nice, nimble nuggets of circular fresh bean sprout and onion-infused egg are the result. The patties come drenched in housemade chicken-oyster sauce-wine-garlic gravy. Select from chicken, barbecue pork, shrimp, vegetable or house blend. Three patties come with steamed white rice. Look for chicken egg foo young on the lunch buffet. $9–$10.
582 Prairie Center Drive, Eden Prairie; 952.941.6556


Fried eggs and hamburgers make happy companions. Topped with a fresh fried egg, a Smashburger transforms into something even more substantial. You can create your very own special burger with a cooked all-the-way-through grill-fried egg any time of day. The weighty topping heightens flavors with more creaminess in an already mighty meaty burger bursting with Angus beef juiciness. Even better, the premium add-on costs only a dollar.
8045 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie; 952.943.9010