Restaurant Review: Dog-Friendly Patios

Four pup-friendly restaurant patios.
Jeff and Kirsten Nelson with dogs Lexy (brown bandana) and Frankie (red bandana), at Umbria Gourmet Pizza in Eden Prairie.

Looking for a place to chill out with your dog? We found four local patios where your pup won’t be turned away.

1. Victoria House
Victoria House has a beautiful patio that is right off the Steiger Lake Trail. They have dog bowls ready for the thirsty. 1715 Steiger Lake, Victoria; 952.443.2858.

2. Heartbreakers
Heartbreakers loves dogs so much they even plan dog park outings. 222 Pioneer Trail, Chaska; 952.448.2743.

3. Brindisi’s Pub
Brindisi’s enjoys having dogs on the patio since it makes everyone feel good, especially the kids. 501 W. 78th St., Chanhassen; 952.934.1520.

4. Umbria Gourmet Pizza
Relax with one of Umbria’s signature pizzas, a glass of wine and your favorite four-legged friend on the patio. 7922 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie; 952.374.646.

—Harmony Gallegos, owner of Harmony and Pets in Eden Prairie.

10 tips for a successful patio outing with your pooch.

  1. Make sure your dog is well socialized. Not sure if your dog is socialized enough? Start him/her out with a trip to doggie day care. Being around other dogs is much different than being with other housemate dogs.
  2. Leave the retractable leads behind and go with either a 4 foot leash or my favorite: a hands-free leash.
  3. Know your dog’s body language. Your dog looks to you for comfort and guidance, so it’s okay to take him/her out of an uncomfortable situation. If your dog is barking, or cannot get comfortable, take him or her home.
  4. Be respectful of the other parties. Remember not all dogs like all dogs and not all humans are dog people. Make sure you have enough space and keep control of your dog.
  5. Always ask the human first if it is okay to pet their dog. Remember it’s not a dog park, it’s a restaurant.
  6. Plan for the weather. If it’s too hot, leave your pooch at home. They wear fur all year round and if you’re hot, they’re even hotter. Also what are your plans after the patio? Never leave your dog in the car.
  7. Bring water. You are responsible for your dog’s water bowls and water no matter where you go.
  8. Bring plenty of treats and make sure your dog knows basic commands. Sit, Stay and Lay.
  9. Poop bags, poop bags and more poop bags. Make sure your dog goes potty away from the patio and clean it up.
  10. Be kind, follow the restaurant rules and respect one another and don’t forget to reward your dog for great behavior. This is will make it successful for everyone involved.