Repurposed with Purpose

Eden Prairie crafter finds new uses for mason jars.

From the day she pulled up all of her shag carpeting in a fit of frustration, Eden Prairie’s JoAnn Moser jumped on the do-it-yourself bandwagon. Although at the time—this was in the mid-1980s—there wasn’t really a bandwagon yet. Inspired by Bob Vila’s This Old House, Moser and her husband, Nick, began renovating their own old house, and they kept at it, personalizing every home they’ve lived in since, and even flipping a house in their neighborhood “just for the heck of it.”

Moser began writing about her projects on in 2006, and she recently published a book, Mason Jar Nation, exploring the history of the ubiquitous jars and highlighting projects for repurposing them. The book includes directions for creating planters, storage containers, upcycled art and—Moser’s favorite—an outdoor chandelier. Find Mason Jar Nation in bookstores and at Learn more about Moser’s projects on her website here.