Read: How to Walk Away

Katherine Center writes of 20-something Margaret Jacobson, who is looking forward to two things—a new dream job and an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Chuck.  Although Margaret is afraid of flying, pilot-in-training Chuck persuades her to go on a short flight before what she assumes is their “proposal dinner.”  Up in the air, everything looks fine, until it isn’t, and the plane crashes.  Chuck walks away from the wreckage; Margaret does not.

What follows is a story that is both funny and heartbreaking as Margaret spends six weeks in rehab, fighting against her new reality while finding new purpose in it. Older sister, Kit, comes back into her life, shaking up the family equilibrium and more!   

Center has written other novels about love, resilience and hope, including Happiness for Beginners, The Lost Husband, Get Lucky, Everyone is Beautiful and The Bright Side of Disaster.

Sarah Nagle
Collections librarian, Carver County Library