Read: Digging for Richard III

Author blends history and mystery.

Digging for Richard III: The Search for the Lost King (revised edition) by Mike Pitts offers readers a meaty summer read. For centuries, speculation had abounded with respect to the fate of King Richard III’s remains—were they moved to another location or dug up, desecrated and scattered? Given Richard’s nefarious reputation, the latter wouldn’t have been surprising. However, in 2012, against all probability, the 500-year-old skeleton of the infamous English king was exhumed from its original burial location in Leicester, England, and to the amazement of archaeologists, dignitaries, clergy and citizens alike, positively identified. It is an incredible story, sure to entertain history buffs, Anglophiles and lovers of a good mystery.

—Julia Sjoberg
Hennepin County Library – Eden Prairie