Read: Devour-worthy Series

Readers who enjoy authors Luke McCallin, Ben Pastor, Joseph Kanon, Susan Elia MacNeal, Alan Furst and Philip Kerr should dive into James Benn’s series, featuring Billy Boyle.

Did you know that General Dwight D. Eisenhower had an intrepid, young nephew who investigated sensitive military matters in WWII Europe? Well, in truth he didn’t, but Benn has created the ingenious character in Irish-American Boyle, who stars in a long-running series of mysteries just perfect for an afternoon of armchair spying.

Boyle’s most recent mission (The Devouring) is set in wartime Switzerland, officially neutral but crawling with spies and collaborators of all types. Boyle and his Polish officer sidekick Kaz, ordered to Switzerland to investigate a diplomatic matter involving concentration camp gold, immediately crash land into occupied territory, and the action takes off from there. Real figures, such as OSS head Allen Dulles and baseball hero Moe Berg, mingle with sassy dames and haunted refugees in this intricately-plotted thriller based on real wartime events.

James Benn’s 12-book series includes:
Billy Boyle
 The First Wave
 Blood Alone
 Evil for Evil
 Rag and Bone
 A Mortal Terror
 Death’s Door
 A Blind Goddess
 The Rest in Silence
 The White Ghost
 Blue Madonna
 The Devouring

—Sarah Nagle
Collections librarian, Carver County Library