RareEarth Naturals creates in Chanhassen

Aesthetically and environmentally pleasing products from rareEarth.

With a long Minnesota winter on the horizon, it’s hard not to think of escaping to a warmer climate. Instead of booking a travel agent, save your hard-earned dollars and consider rareEarth Naturals candles, reed diffusers and perfumes, all hand-crafted in Chanhassen.

Named after alluring international cities like Tuscany, Barcelona and Istanbul and coated in beautiful colors, the products seem to have the power to transport anyone to a dream destination. Using essential oils in the fragrances and pigments of the Earth in the colors, rareEarth produces only natural and sustainable items, creating a local response for the increasingly planet-conscientious customer.

“Every product we make, every package we design, we come at it from a standpoint of not only how to make it the most beautiful, but how we can make it have the least environmental impact,” president and cofounder Brian Paulsen says.

Inspired to give a gift? The candles range in price from $18 to $32 and are sold at The Bibelot Shops, the Seward and Wedge co-ops, and Whole Foods stores across the metro.