Raise the Curtain: EP Players Presents One-act Plays

Last year's performance of Taking Things in Hand

The pastoral views of Riley Lake provide the backdrop for the Eden Prairie Players’ 14th Annual Collection of One Acts, performed over several dates in the Riley-Jacques Barn.

Performances include:

A Little Culture by Elin Hampton, directed by Liz Michaelson
In an attempt to expand the horizons of her husband, Jane, an aspiring culture-connoisseur, brings him to watch a series of 10-minute plays.

Red Roses at a Funeral by James Colgan, directed by Tim Williams
Allison has just lost her husband in an accident. At his memorial service, she confronts John, whom she blames for her husband’s death.

How Nice of You to Ask by Rich Rubin, directed by Jen Cordes
A not-so-standard survey takes an unexpected turn when Alan receives spicy answers from Mavis.

Stuck by Scott Mullen, directed by Nikki Abramson
Airport barista Zoe is curious about why she keeps seeing the same man in the airport. She finally asks him, and it changes her life.

Put Asunder by James McLindon, directed by Steve Ramirez
A bride has loose ends to tie up before walking down the aisle: Is anyone ever sure about forever?

Pumps by Brett Hursey, directed by Lori Alsdurf
Open-toe warfare breaks out when a wife and husband get into an argument over shoes.

A Harmony of Both by Terence Patrick Hughes, directed by David Durkee
The laws of nature collide with the anarchy of telephone customer service in a play about love, death and the transcendentalism of chew-toys.

Hypothetically by Peter Floyd, directed by Chad Giefer
Sandy wonders why her husband called out her sister Amelia’s name during a moment of intimacy. Does Amelia have any explanation?
7:30 p.m. September 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22 and 2 p.m. September 16 and 23; Riley-Jacques Barn, 9180 Riley Lake Road, Eden Prairie.