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The Transformation Club is more than a fitness program, it’s a path to total transformation.

It’s no secret that the gym can be an intimidating place. Rows and rows of complicated equipment combined with the feeling of being judged or out of place provide little in the way of workout motivation. The Transformation Club in Chanhassen has developed a solution to these common complaints. With their novel approach to fitness, they have pioneered a program that focuses on total wellness and transformation, not just reps on a machine or numbers on a scale.

What sets The Transformation Club apart is the sense of community they build within their group personal training workouts and within the club itself. Clients can feel at ease as they train in a fun, high-energy environment with plenty of one-on-one attention and customization. This model offers clients a supportive and approachable fitness environment with the added benefits of a personal trainer.

Founders Justin and Janell Yule pride themselves on providing a safe space where everyone feels welcome. You won’t see fitness models or bodybuilders, just real people achieving real lifestyle transformations. This is due to the focus on total wellness, not just weight loss. In addition to group personal training, The Transformation Club offers a variety of other services, from nutrition coaching and yoga to massage and much more.
The Transformation Club began in 2009 when Justin and Janell noticed a gap in the local fitness and training market. They saw a need for a program that offered accountability and coaching to help clients reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. They envisioned a workout and training experience where their clients would be excited to transform their lifestyle, and where community is fostered both in and out of the gym. Their first class began as a free boot camp at a Chaska park in July 2009, which led to their first seven clients. Now, in 2019, having served hundreds of clients locally and thousands more nationwide, they will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in business.

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Justin and Janell describe The Transformation Club as a safe space where clients have access to the accountability and coaching required to make a total lifestyle change. Their clients consistently attest that they feel seen and empowered to transform their lives in a positive way. One of the major contrasts between The Transformation Club and some of their big-name competitors is the sense of community and the personal relationships they can foster as a family-owned and operated business. They interact with their clients at the club on a regular basis in a variety of different roles, from fitness trainer to nutrition coach and everything in between. As opposed to large chains that are owned by investors, Justin and Janell have one objective: to educate, motivate, and inspire their clients to become the best versions of themselves. Even their dog Badger, a regular presence at the club, offers clients support and encouragement.

Justin and Janell joke that they have two main competitors, big-name fitness chains, and the couch. They understand how difficult it can be to find that motivation to hit the gym. This is yet another reason their group personal training has been so successful. Not only do clients develop close friendships and a sense of community within their classes, but they often interact outside the gym as well. They are a “community of friends in fitness.”

With an eye to developing these community bonds even further, The Transformation Club has plans for incorporating more workshops and events in their future programming. Exciting additions in January include the Women’s Empowerment Event on the 26th, and the launch of The Transformation Project - a comprehensive 8-week course that covers each of the key aspects to developing and maintaining your own transformation lifestyle, so you can achieve and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals and ultimately become the best version of you. Over the course of the eight weeks, you’ll develop the habits, skills, and mindset you need to succeed for the rest of your life.

“The atmosphere is incredibly positive and everyone is super supportive. One of the things I love best about The Transformation Club is the encouragement, not just from the trainers but from every member you’re in a class with - it’s very different from any fitness environment I’ve ever been in.”  —Katie Sasanfar, Transformation Club client

Still feeling the need for motivation? Read The Transformation Book, written by Justin and Janell, or tune in to their weekly podcast, The Transformation Show. You can also sign up for The Transformation News, their weekday newsletter, at www.TheTransformationClub.fitness.
If you’ve tried working out at a big box gym but found the environment too intimidating, or if you’re having trouble finding the motivation to make working out a priority, try something new! The Transformation Club is first and foremost a family business where they focus on every aspect of lifestyle improvement. Going to the gym becomes more than just a chore on a to-do list, it becomes a fun and rewarding participation as part of an accepting community. With their help, it is possible to become the best possible version of you. Contact them today for help getting started. As Justin and Janell say, “Have Faith and Take Action!”

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Chanhassen, MN
Facebook: @thetransformationclubchanhassen
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