Preserving Childhood with TaDa! Creations

Dresses, embroidered pillow covers and fabric dolls with a unique vintage flair from a Southwest Metro duo.

When Angel Eagen of Eden Prairie and Amy Ordahl of Savage met seven years ago in a class at the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop, their mutual love of all things handmade sparked the beginning of their own Etsy shop, TaDa! Creations.

The pair opened the shop shortly after meeting, using their own daughters as inspiration for the clothing and home decor they now sell. Shopping at the mall wasn’t providing the look they wanted for their girls. “We think little girls should look like little girls,” Ordahl says. “That’s where our heart is and we knew that there would be a demand.”

Among the many unique items in the shop are TaDollies—made-to-order fabric dolls. The idea behind the dolls came from a friend in the adoption community. During the “holding phase” of an adoption, the parents would have friends and family take pictures with the doll, which they would then leave with the child as a sentiment until she was able to come home with the family.

Their daughters (and customers, too) appreciate the labor of love of each item in the shop. “They understand that when we’re doing something handmade for them, that we’re putting love into whatever we’re making,” Ordahl says. “They value the time and hard work that goes into it.”