Prepare to be Confused, Dazzled and Delighted by Elliot Reed's Debut Novel

"A Key to Treehouse Living" by Elliot Reed
"A Key to Treehouse Living" is a story told through a glossary of seemingly random words and ideas.

Imagine a story that is told through a glossary of seemingly random words and ideas, beginning with “absence” and ending with “yonder, the wild blue.” What lies between these two entries is an achingly poignant and beautifully rendered narrative of a 13-year-old boy. William Tyce’s unconventional journey of discovery about the past that haunts him and the people he meets along the way will astonish readers.

There are gems of prose on each page, offering hints and subtle nudges toward a resolution as our young hero tries to fill in the gaps of his fractured life. Pick up Elliot Reed’s unconventional debut novel, A Key to Treehouse Living, and be prepared to be confused, dazzled and delighted all at the same time.

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