Pizza Catering in Chaska, Waconia and Victoria

Pizza catering on wheels.
Tim and Kris Huinker, owners of Rolling Hearth Bistro, bring their pizza to locations throughout the southwest metro.

There’s no need to fire up the grill for your next backyard BBQ— just order up a pizza oven. These two southwest metro rolling restaurants specialize in pizza catering to-go with portable ovens that pop up at farmers markets, fairs, festivals or your backyard. Their commonality is fueled by a love of food, a very busy graduation party season and a serious passion for making great pizzas.

Rolling Hearth Bistro
You might have come across Tim Huinker of Rolling Hearth Bistro at Waconia Brewing, Carver County Fair, Steamboat Days, or Deardorff Orchards in the fall, slinging pizzas called Jabacon me Crazy and Sweet Child of Swine with his family. Who knew this landscape contractor by trade would turn into the guy to go to for pizza? If you ask him, he never thought that making pizzas with his family would be something that he would be doing, either.

It all started with an idea of putting one of those pizza ovens in his backyard and then hosting his daughter’s graduation party—then more and more parties for friends and family members. Now, he travels around the Twin Cities helping other people throw events with great food.

It’s quite the undertaking, because Rolling Hearth employees hand-stretch their dough, make their own sauce, and use fresh ingredients all chopped by hand at the event. Each and every new day brings a menu that is decided on by Rolling Hearth, the hosts and the people at the party. If you find Rolling Hearth, we recommend the Triple Pig: alfredo sauce, Cajun andouille sausage, bacon, slow roasted pulled pork, fresh mozzarella all drizzled with spicy BBQ sauce. When you see Rolling Hearth Bistro roll in, you know that you are going to get an amazingly fresh, delicious meal from a family whose passion is pizza.

Twisted Oak Pizza
Travel inspires great ideas. After a family trip to Italy, Twisted Oak Pizza was born. During his adventures through the Italian countryside, owner and self-proclaimed “food nerd” Derrick Sheller found out the way that pizza should taste. He knew he had to bring the traditional pizzas that he had in Italy to Minnesota with a contemporary twist.

Twisted Oak uses a wood-fired pizza oven to make magical creations. “There’s a lot more to it than you would think; there’s an art to it,” Sheller says. The pizza from Twisted Oak has been described as perfectly chewy with a crispy crust and the perfect combination of toppings.

Each unique pizza comes with the expertise of a “food nerd” who brings a sense of adventure when it comes to combining pizza toppings. Case in point: Twisted Oak’s Mojito Mint Pizza that has flavors of chili, lime and contains local hot sauce.

Twisted Oak has a staple menu with classics and customer favorites, along with several pizzas that rotate based on the event or seasonal ingredients. In the past, they’ve done a butternut squash pizza and a Minneapple pizza with fresh Minnesota apples, to celebrate the amazing products that they have right in front of them.

They get those pizzas just right every weekend in the summer. You’ll see Twisted Oak at Enki Brewing, Schram Vineyards, and many other places around the southwest metro. When they are not out serving the public, they work at private events including birthdays, graduation parties and even weddings.