Picture This: Graphic Novels Aren’t Just for Teens

Lighter than My Shadow by Katie Green

A beautiful, frightening and hopeful graphic novel memoir spans the author’s youth, the development of her disease and her struggle to overcome it and find happiness. The black and white illustrations lend depth and understanding to the author’s feelings. —recommended by Lee Burkhalter

Saga. Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan

The Saga series is sometimes referred to as “the Game of Thrones of graphic novels.” Can’t stop raving about it—it’s got a great story, fantastic art and funny dialogue. It is intended for a mature audience. —recommended by Laura Carlson

Shoplifter by Michael Cho

A beautifully illustrated two-tone graphic novel about a bored and disillusioned writer turned ad-writer. Lonely and adrift, she reaches out through a public telephone. —recommended by Lee Burkhalter