Photo Contest Winner: Visitor at Sunset

Christine Neff Kojetin wins first place for her one-of-a-kind photo.

While in her dining room one day, Christine Neff Kojetin did not expect to get so close to a buck. “This young buck had ventured to the point that he was literally 20 feet from me on the other side of a window and fence,” Kojetin says. As the buck was in great lighting, Kojetin quickly grabbed her camera and captured the unique moment.

Titled “Visitor at Sunset,” the photo won first place in the Wildlife & Nature category of our annual photo contest. “Our house backs up against a forest, and last year we had quite a few young does and bucks making their way back and forth across the yard and forest,” Kojetin says. Even more than previous years, the deer were constantly coming into her yard. She says the young buck looked like he was posing. “Then, as if almost on cue, he stuck his tongue out at me and left,” she says.

For Kojetin, photography is a passion—and a small side business—which she does in addition to raising her two children, and being a marketing VP for her organization. Wherever she goes, she carries a camera with her, as she likes to be prepared for any moment. If needed, she will use an iPhone, but she prefers a more professional camera.

“I love to photograph nature—landscape and wildlife—but really love photographing kids and families and capturing those special fleeting moments,” she says. Hopefully Kojetin, a frequent contributor to Southwest Metro Magazine, will continue to share more beauty with us.