Photo Contest Winner: Roman Merino Franco’s “Spin”

Roman Merino Franco captures a spinning ride at the Eden Prairie Community Center.

Early last summer, Roman Merino Franco, fresh out of college and constantly looking for ways to build up his photography portfolio, was driving home from his “day job” and passed the Eden Prairie Community Center. When he saw a carnival set up in the parking lot, he got a hankering for a funnel cake. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?

Then Franco saw the lights of a spinning ride, and he had to take a snap. Having just downloaded a new editing program (Adobe Lightroom 4), the photo was perfect for experimentation. Franco loaded the photo onto his computer and started playing with the lighting. “You can see there are these random bursts of light that don’t belong,” Franco says. “But that’s what I like about that photo or any of my photos, they remind me of that time in my life.”

Now Franco places himself somewhere between hobbyist and professional, as he works a day job, but still pursues photography seriously.

For those who are closer to the hobbyist and beginner stages of photography, Franco encourages keeping a tripod in your car and photographing everything. You never know when a funnel cake will lead you to a winning photo.


Roman Merino Franco’s photo received an honorable mention in the Activities category of our annual photo contest. Submit photos for this year’s contest before August 31 at southwestmetro