Photo Contest Winner: Matthew Peyton’s ‘Approaching Storm’

A winning shot of a passing storm.
Matthew Peyton took this picture of lightning during a storm in Victoria.

Spring and summer in Minnesota mean rain, thunderstorms and sometimes severe weather. One April day last year, Matthew Peyton knew a lightning storm was around the corner. Equipped with his trusty Sony Alpha 99 and hanging out the window of his Victoria home, Peyton snapped this electrifying photo.

“It was one of those nights where we knew the storm was coming from the west. [I thought] I’m just going to be ready and see if I can get some lightning shots,” he says. Despite taking nearly 300 shots of the impending storm, Peyton says only a few photos ended up showing any lightning strikes.

A frequent entry in our photo contests, Peyton says he was happy to hear of his winning shot. Nature subjects are somewhat new terrain for Peyton, who normally sticks to photographing portraits and editorials of people. He says a more recent goal for his photography is to branch out and push his own boundaries, in part by shooting different subjects.

“It’s something new every day; it’s not sitting in a cubicle. It’s a new place, new person,” Peyton says. “It’s more than making a dollar…These are memories people are going to have forever.”

To see more of Matthew Peyton’s work, visit his website here.

“Approaching Storm” won second place in the Wildlife and Nature Category in our annual photo contest. We’ll collect photos for this year’s contest starting August 1.