Photo Contest Winner: Lisa Tomassen’s “Picking the Perfect Pumpkins at Marshall’s Farm Market”

Eden Prairie’s Lisa Tomassen captures a sweet moment.
This photo earned third place in the people/families category of our annual photo contest.

Lisa Tomassen, an Eden Prairie resident, loves snapping photos of her children. In October 2014, on an annual pumpkin picking trip to Marshall’s Farm Market and very pregnant with her second child, Tomassen captured a moment of her oldest helping her pick out pumpkins. Tomassen recalls that her oldest, then just turning 2, was in the helper stage—very eager to assist her with whatever needed to be done. He was very proud of himself for picking pumpkins. Interestingly, he and his younger sibling were both born in October, making this photo even more special.

According to Carrie Marshall of Marshall’s Farm Market, there are 60 varieties of pumpkins to choose from. For kids, the hard shell grapefruit-sized pumpkin is great for painting. For baking, an Australian blue pumpkin works best, although they do carry other more traditional varieties. With all the variety, colors and shapes, it’s no wonder Tomassen found a great shot among the pumpkins.

To get the best selection of pumpkins, Marshall suggests shopping at the market often. She says it’s “the best way to find something really unique.”

For her photography, Tomassen uses an iPhone, mainly focuses on people and always strives to get the best lighting and angles. However, she is also fascinated by the changing seasons. She appreciates fall because of the sun’s “beautiful warm glow,” and the general warmth the colors portray. She also finds spring great to capture because of the sudden “nothing to everything”—greenery and flowers are bursting into life, and wildlife such as deer and turkeys are abundant. Tomassen finds each season provides its own unique elements.

Marshall’s Farm Market at 9100 Eden Prairie Road in Eden Prairie is a popular place to pick out local pumpkins. Visit the website for details.