Photo Contest Winner: Lisa Tomassen’s “A Boy and His Balloon.”

Eden Prairie’s Jaxon Tomassen knows how to celebrate Friday.

Last May, Jaxon Tomassen of Eden Prairie was owning “Friday Tie Day”—a dress-up day that his dad made up for fun. The 19-month-old was playing in the yard with his parents, unwinding from his week, when his mom, Lisa Tomassen, was inspired to take this photo. “He was given the balloon at daycare in honor of Mother’s Day,” Lisa says. “They tied it to his shirt so it wouldn’t float away, which I thought was so cute. He loved running around the yard with the balloon following him wherever he went. In this photo, I thought Jaxon looked like the sweet little old man in the cartoon movie, Up.”


This photo earned third place in the People and Families category of our annual photo contest.