Photo Contest Winner: Julia Galler

Spending an afternoon in the sand inspired a high school junior to capture this shot.
This photo earned an honorably mention in the Events/Activities category of our annual photo contest. Submit your photos starting August 1!

Not all great pictures are the agonized, labored efforts of skilled photographers. Some are simply spontaneous. Julia Galler and her friends were just enjoying a summer day at Lake Riley Beach when she captured this shot. A 16-year-old junior at Chanhassen High School, Galler visits the beach as much as possible in between track practice and other student activities. She and some gymnastics friends set up her digital camera on a ledge and were “doing random handstands and back handsprings,” according to Galler. The little girl on the pink towel saw the older girls having a blast, and asked to be in one of the pictures. Sure enough, her expression steals the show and captures the elation of a perfect day at the beach.  Galler maintains that photography isn’t really a hobby; it’s just something she does occasionally with friends. Indeed a healthy reminder for photographers to put down their cameras and play in the moment. The picture often springs together all by itself.