Photo contest winner: Fire & Ice by Christine Neff Kojetin

Photographer Christine Neff Kojetin visits the Ice Castle in Eden Prairie.

Eden Prairie’s Christine Neff Kojetin captures a fiery performance at last year’s Ice Castle in Miller Park in Eden Prairie.

Last year, winter enthusiasts flocked to Eden Prairie to explore the Ice Castle at Miller Park. There was plenty of opportunity for photos, especially during the performances of “Insphyre,” featuring a group of fire-wielding entertainers who were regular fixtures at the Ice Castle.

However, few photos capture the intimacy and contrast that photographer Christine Neff Kojetin was able to do one night in March.

She and a few fellow photographers had been invited to an after-hours performance after the castle had closed. “It was a really exclusive opportunity,” Neff Kojetin says. “We had built a relationship with the performers.”

A marketing professional by day, Neff Kojetin uses photography to balance her busy schedule and sees it as her creative outlet. “I’ve been shooting all my life,” she says. “It’s my passion.”

‘Passion’ is one of many words that come to mind when seeing the juxtaposition captured by Neff Kojetin using her Nikon D750. Aptly titled, “Fire and Ice” illustrates the duality many Minnesotans experience as seasons change. The castle returns this winter—see page 14 for details.

-This photo won first place in the activites/events category in our annual photo contest. We’ll start collecting photos for this year’s contest in August. Visit southwestmetro for details.