Photo Contest Winner: Christine Neff Kojetin’s “Fall Hike with Daddy”

Christine Neff Kojetin captures a tender family moment on a beautiful day.

Eden Prairie photographer Christine Neff Kojetin captured this moment at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in fall of 2014. Kojetin says her family visits the arboretum frequently, enjoying what each season has to offer. She always brings her camera—a Nikon D750—to these outings, and in 2014 when she saw “the trees were on fire,” she knew it was a great opportunity for a rare photo. “I was hanging back as my husband walked along the path with my son—I looked up and was amazed by the brilliant colors and contrast in the trees and sky,” she says.

Since then, she has revisited that area, but has not been able to recapture that moment. Indeed, the way the different shades of leaves complement the sky make for a truly unique snapshot. Each tree boasts a bright yellow, orange or green, and the image of Kojetin’s husband and son walking down the winding path adds a whimsical feel to the photo. Furthermore, the scattering of the yellow leaves on the ground makes the photo nearly shimmer.

Although Kojetin loves capturing nature, she also enjoys photographing families and kids, expectant mothers and newborns. Kojetin is passionate about photography and is building a small photography business in addition to her full-time marketing job.