Photo Contest Winner: Carl Lacey’s “Strike on Hole 2”

Carl Lacey captures a flash of lightning striking the Chaska Golf Course

While visiting his in-laws, who live on the Chaska Golf Course near the second hole, a series of lightning storms provided passionate Chaska photographer Carl Lacey with an opportunity.

In between the storms, Lacey set up his Canon 60D, attached his 10-22 Canon lens and waited for the next storm to roll in. He had the camera take a shot every three seconds until the storm passed.

“One of the shots just happened to capture that moment,” Lacey says, feeling lucky that a flash of lightning struck the flagpole of hole two just as his camera took a shot. The lightning strike was just one of more than 300 shots that were taken in the stream of photographs Lacey took during the storm.

Lacey’s passion for photography was sparked when he began editing videos and working with computer programs as a part of his teaching job in the Hopkins School District. “I’ve been doing photography for 10 years,” Lacey says, “but I’ve been actively trying to get better in the past two years and hone my skills.”