Photo Contest Winner: Alex Harmdierks’ Sparkler Art

Victoria’s Alex Harmdierks captures summer memories in South Dakota.

Bonfires. Fireworks. Sandaled feet. They’re all part of the summer memories Alex Harmdierks, incoming sophomore at Chanhassen High School, has accumulated in her 15 years.

Every summer, Harmdierks and her family visit their cabin in South Dakota to celebrate Independence Day. Last July 4th, joined by her young neighbors, Harmdierks decided to recreate the effect of glowing sparklers in the night after seeing similar photos online. “We were playing with the sparklers, and I had my camera,” she says of the set-up.

Capturing these casual memories with her Canon Powershot SX500 has been a favorite pasttime of Harmdierks’ since she started taking pictures five years ago.

When looking back at the shots of those special summer moments, specifically this photo of her family’s firework-filled night, “I think of spending the summer at the cabin and fun nights and bonfires,” she says.

As for her future in photography? The high-schooler admits it’s more a hobby than anything. “I’ll probably keep taking pictures on the side. I think it would be fun,” she says.

Whether it’s lighting sparklers under the moonlight on summer nights, long road trips with her family, or sitting around a campfire, they’re all memories that Harmdierks will surely capture for years to come.