Photo Contest Winner: “Sunset over Lake Minnetonka,” by Christine Neff Kojetin

For Eden Prairie’s Christine Neff Kojetin, girls’ night out involves capturing a beautiful shot.
This photo was entered in our annual photo contest. Watch for this year’s winners starting in January.

When Eden Prairie’s Christine Neff Kojetin needs a girls’ night out, it doesn’t involve cocktails or shoes. Instead Neff Kojetin calls her best friend and partner in crime, Lisa Lorenz, grabs her camera and the two women meet up to take pictures.

This shot was taken in October 2013 at Excelsior Commons on Lake Minnetonka. The friends had consulted Sun Seeker, an app that tracks when and where the sun will set, to pick an optimum spot to capture a sunset. “We just set up and shoot,” Neff Kojetin says, adding that the women like to find different locations throughout the Twin Cities to practice their photography.

Neff Kojetin and Lorenz try to meet up to take pictures a couple times a month. “We do a lot of stuff together,” Neff Kojetin says. “It’s just a lot more fun. We share that passion and enthusiasm.”