Photo Contest Winner: “Backyard Apples,” by Erica Bergmann

Erica Bergmann captures autumn wonder in her own backyard.
Evelyn Bergmann enjoys an apple in the backyard of her Victoria home.

Minnesota is known for its wide array of delectable apples and Erica Bergmann has some of her own in her Victoria backyard. The apple trees bloom and produce the favorite fruits, sprouting plenty of autumn wonder for her 2-year-old daughter, Evelyn, to enjoy.

Ready with her phone camera close at hand, Bergmann uses photography to capture her daughter’s budding curiosity and passing moments. “It’s kind of neat, because with children and toddlers everything is so brand new to them, especially when they’re outside exploring,” Bergmann says. “It’s neat to always have the camera on us. It’s fun to snap away.”

Bergmann loves capturing her adventures in the outdoors around their neighborhood near Kelzer Pond. Photography has also been a way for her to keep in touch by sharing photos and videos with friends and family on social media. “The other day we were down at the pond and I took a video of Evelyn dancing in the rain puddles… I shared it on Facebook and people love it, it’s hilarious,” Bergmann says. “It’s the fun, vacation adventure-type photos, but also the everyday stuff.”

For now, Bergmann plans to continue her photography hobby, capturing special family times and moments with her loved ones. And soon, Evelyn will have a new playmate for splashing in pond puddles, as Bergmann and her husband are expecting another baby girl due in October.

“Backyard Apples” won first place in the People and Families Category of our annual photo contest. We’re collecting entries for this year’s contest through August 31.