Photo Contest: Eden Prairie’s Christine Neff Kojetin Captures Autumn at Parley Lake Winery and Deardorff Orchard in Waconia

Christine Neff Kojetin’s photo of the iconic barn at Deardorff Orchards and Vineyards.
This photo earned second place in the city landmarks category of Southwest Metro Magazine’s annual photo contest. We’ll accept entries for this year’s contest starting in August.

Photos by Eden Prairie’s Christine Neff Kojetin have graced our pages many times in the past, illuminating some of Minnesota’s most striking landscapes and scenery. This shot taken at Deardorff Orchards and Vineyards highlights the serenity of Minnesota’s transition to winter.

Making a trip to Parley Lake Winery and Deardorff Orchards has become a family tradition for Neff Kojetin and her family. The winery and apple orchard has become one of their favorite places, she says.

Since Neff Kojetin almost always brings her camera on family outings, she had it along when the family arrived at the winery one day during the tail end of a storm.

Neff Kojetin was taking photographs near the barn that houses the orchard’s shop and Parley Lake Winery’s tasting room. Seeing the dark clouds passing, she aimed her camera skyward waiting for the clouds to pass and expose the evening sky. After some patience, the clouds broke and the sun came through in a series of scattered rays as if it were behind a prism. Having had her eye on the thinning cloud cover, Neff Kojetin managed to snap the photo while the rays were still exposed.