Photo Contest Award-winner: Bill Moeger's Winter Creek

A winter creek, a coating of frost and a dash of inspiration make for a stunning scene.
This photo earned an honorable mention in the Nature category of the 2013 Southwest Metro Photo Contest.

Looking through a frosted window on a cold winter morning may cause some to crawl back under the covers, but for painter and graphic designer Bill Moeger, it’s reason to create something beautiful. He snapped this serene photo in the early hours of a winter day, inspired by the lighting effect created by soft cloud cover and hoar frost coating the contours of the Chaska land near an unnamed creek off County Road 43.
A born-and-raised Minnesotan, Moeger has lived in Chaska for 18 years. It’s his Midwestern roots and surroundings that inspire Moeger, who has been an avid artist since childhood and experimented with different media along the way. Beginning his career as a painter while in his early 20s, he expanded his talents to photography, which serves as the source for his original paintings. In particular, he loves to shoot landscapes and older architecture, especially the barns scattered across the region. “Old buildings tell a story,” he says, and it’s that notion of history he finds so inspiring.
Moeger is currently finishing a series of images called “Carver County in Oil” to be completed in late fall 2013. The collection, already numbering 12, will include a selection of paintings based on his own landscape photography: “Winter Creek may end up as an oil painting,” Moeger says.