Odds are you won’t find Jacob Steinbauer sitting at home on the sofa.

Deb Zeller, of Victoria, has always had an eclectic mix of interests, going to Concordia College in Moorhead double majoring in art and math.

Seven years ago, Jason Lehman became a father.

For 14-year-old Star Bandy, of Eden Prairie, the bullying was relentless, kids taunted her at school, wouldn’t sit with her at lunch and played mean jokes. The bullying didn’t stop there. The negative messages followed her home in the form of texts and phone calls.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a big difference—at least that’s what Eden Prairie resident Chuck Martz says he learned during a trip to India with fellow Rotarians.

Eden Prairie High School senior Kevin Bu takes his dad’s advice to “Work smart, not just hard” seriously. It’s helped him juggle multiple activities, including tennis, saxophone, chess club and Destination Imagination, while maintaining a high grade point average.