Now in her senior year at the International School of Minnesota, Carina Debuque set the bar high when it came to creating a high school goal: “Do it all, learn all of it.”

Two hundred years from now, when historians want to find out about the everyday life of people living in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, they will search through the archives of local papers like the Eden Prairie News and the Chanhassen Villager.

Her styles, linear and clean, belie the path that Eden Prairie’s Jeannine Cavallo took while launching her design career.

Waconia High School senior Carissa Dock’s accomplishments and accolades are far too many to count on one hand (not even on both hands and both feet).

Five Children and It by E. Nesbit
-Recommended by Lee Burkhalter

There’s no “magic” in Peter Juhl’s stone balancing, but he wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to believe there is. The Eagan artist has a knack for creating unbelievably balanced towers of rocks and then photographing them—sometimes just seconds before they topple.

If you’re a kid, chances are you call her Grandma. If you’re an adult, you probably greet her like an old friend. With her gracious smile, genuine enthusiasm and heartfelt sincerity, Eden Prairie’s Elaine Cleveland just has a gift for connecting with people.

Whether she’s exploring Spain or serving people at a North Minneapolis church, Kathryn Secrest appreciates getting to see the world through different perspectives. The senior at Holy Family Catholic High School has spent her high school career connecting with people from all walks of life.

Chanhassen High School senior Jack Schnettler is no stranger to teamwork. His passion for working with others shines through on the baseball diamond, as well as in his other extracurricular activities.