Pamela Klinger-Horn Connects Readers with Authors

"Meeting authors in person is absolutely my favorite part of my job," Pamela Klinger-Horn says.

Pamela Klinger-Horn is a literary connoisseur. “I love to read,” she says, a statement the Chanhassen resident backs up by the impressive number of books she reads every month (in June she was already on book number 84 for the year). This love for the new worlds and ideas that wait behind the cover of each and every book helped guide Klinger-Horn to her dream job—sales and events coordinator for Excelsior Bay Books, Excelsior.   

As part of her job, “I host an almost monthly program, which hosts multiple authors—usually four or five—at an offsite venue,” she says. Each month, readers can enjoy a varied and colorful array of new titles, all with the stamp of approval from avid reader Klinger-Horn (she never recommends anything unless she has read it first). “I try to mix it up—cookbook, history, romance, literary fiction,” she says, noting that no matter a person’s taste, all community members can find a favorite author or a delightful new read at one of these events. “Date nights, book clubs—it’s a really popular literary night on the town,” she says.

But books are not the only part of Klinger-Horn’s job where she finds joy. There’s another type of story that she enjoys hearing again and again—the stories told by the authors about their own lives. “Authors have shared trials and tribulations [at the event],” she says. “Some have been rejected 99 times, and finally on the 100th time, they find success.” Klinger-Horn touts the importance of community members meeting and speaking with these authors one-on-one. “Meeting authors in person is absolutely my favorite part of my job,” she says. “Getting to talk to the person, who crafted the book, learning how the book changed [over the writing process]—it is such an interesting background. That is what we hope [the community] finds at these presentations.”
With Klinger-Horn as a local expert on books—both on a personal and professional level—who better to ask for a late-summer recommendation? As the cicadas buzz and thoughts of back-to- school fill the summer air, it’s a great time to kick back—in a lawn chair, comfy lounger or a favorite reading nook—with an exciting new title. “Vox by Christina Dalcher is coming out on August 21,” Klinger-Horn says when asked for a recommendation. “Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale are going to go berserk for this one. The subject of the book is set in the not-too-distant future, and women are only allowed 100 words a day.” But if dystopian novels don’t quite strike your fancy, Klinger-Horn recommends an in-person visit to Excelsior Bay Books. “Ann Nye and Ellie Temple [owners of Excelsior Bay Books] have known many customers for a long time,” Klinger-Horn says. “They can give personalized recommendations [and], it’s a wonderful place to just come in and wander.”

Klinger-Horn moved to Chanhassen in 1989, raised her two sons in the community and has lived in the same house for 19 years. During this time, “I have always been a loyal customer at Excelsior Bay Books,” she says. Klinger-Horn describes the local book shop as a “small team of book loving women,” and she praises the community for supporting the independent shop. “Excelsior Bay is still going strong after all these years,” she says. And Klinger-Horn, too, is still going strong. She holds fast to her devotion to share her love of books with the community, as well as sharing the experience of meeting the authors themselves. “It’s a royal experience to get to meet with the writer, who crafted the piece,” she says. “I think that is absolutely magical.”  

The next reading will take place on September 13 at Trinity Church in Excelsior.