The Owners of Willa June Give Us a Look at What’s on Trend This Spring

As spring bursts back into our lives—on the wings of red-winged blackbirds and on the promise of warmer days—style begins to shift along with the season. It’s not always easy to keep up with these ever-changing trends but, lucky for us, we have help from some area experts.    

Local residents Jodi Larson and Mary Roswick opened their Victoria clothing store, Willa June, in January 2017 with motivation from their own experiences. “We were at that point in our lives where we were too old for stores and too young for stores,” Larson says. The two friends wanted to create a space that reaches across the borders of style—connecting us through classic pieces.

The store also fills the need for clothing that can rise above generational gaps and flows either from day to night or from a wedding to a coffee date with friends. “My mother, who’s 61 and works in the store, she wears the clothes,” Larson says. “It transcends all age groups.” Willa June exists to fill another gap. “There was definitely a need in the market for some shopping and retail [in Victoria],” Roswick says. “We knew that the area would grow.”

Larson and Roswick offer us a peek into what’s in this spring and what to wear to the special events speckled throughout the season. It’s time to channel our femininity. “One of the things that we’re seeing continuous this spring is the feminine detail,” Larson says. Think off-the-shoulder tops and lots of lace. “Definitely the high-waist denim,” says Roswick, recommending a high-waist jean with a shorter top. Earthy sage and mellow mauve will dominate the color scene, but, “Of course we’re still seeing the brighter colors—the pinks and the yellows,” Larson says.
Spring is the season of new beginnings. Everything is growing—tossing aside its snowy coverings and reminding us that a fresh start (or a spring clean) is always possible. It’s also the season of events—weddings, graduations, Easter and bridal and baby showers. With all of these commitments, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of “what to wear.”

Roswick and Larson love multi-purpose pieces. For a versatile item that moves with its wearer from event to event, both recommend a kimono. Layer it over more casual pieces for a baby shower or graduation, or dress it up with accessories for more formal events. Dresses from Gentle Fawn can also make the transition. “They totally change with shoes and jewelry,” Larson says. For Easter, try the layered look. “You never know about the weather,” she says. Flowy dresses and skirts fit well over leggings or under sweaters if a nip remains in the air.

For accessories, you won’t find the chunky look at Willa June. “We’ve kind of taken a stance that we choose dainty pieces—ones you can always wear,” Roswick says. These delicate accessories go well with the feminine sensibilities embraced by the fashion scene this spring. Find Able, Apse and other lesser-known brands at Willa June, and add a simple elegance to any outfit.