Chanhassen, Prairie, Southwest Metro, Prairie Yields Photo Gold

Thomas Cook’s Chanhassen Prairie Plant placed third in the Nature & Wildlife category for the 2018 Southwest Metro Photo Contest.

It’s pretty easy to love winter when it’s all about snow pants and snow days. But sometime around the legal driving age, winter becomes shovels, white-knuckle drives and dry skin. Winter loses its novelty.

At first blush, it might be difficult to imagine that Brian Robison was ever a little boy growing up in the idyllic-sounding town of Splendora, deep in the proverbial heart of Texas, where he pond hopped his way through fishing spots in between playing football and running track.

Residents of Chanhassen celebrated Arbor Day with a tree planting on May 2 at Chanhassen Hills Park and an annual poster contest.

The Wild Ones Prairie Edge, a local gardening group dedicated to creating environmentally friendly landscaping through native plants, is hosting its annual fundraiser this month.

When Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Director Ed Schneider came to Minnesota five years ago this July, he had big plans for the arboretum.

If you think golf is a quiet sport with low-key fans, you haven’t witnessed the Ryder Cup.

Avoid a long road trip by taking a convenient camping vacation near home. Lake Auburn Campground at the Carver Park Reserve in Victoria and Baylor Regional Park in Norwood Young America are both perfect staycation spots.

Most of the boats coast slowly through the water. Some drift from side to side, proving that nature is always more powerful than man. Some move fluidly. One even sinks. And one zips past like a torpedo, much to the crowd’s delight.

It took only one trip to the Hyland ski area for Eden Prairie native Alicia Tong to unlock her potential as a world-class competitive snowboarder.