Our Editor's Favorite Quotes of 2018

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For this year's Best of Southwest Metro issue, our editor selected some of her favorite quotes of the year from Southwest Metro Magazine.

“A slice of pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.”—Joan Donatelle, Lunds & Byerlys food expert, November 2018

“My husband and I were coming up on having both our kids going out and pursuing their own academic careers … but everyone would say, ‘Oh, you’re about to be empty nesters.’ Empty has that connotation that it’s lacking or not full, and our life is really full.”Lisa Patrin, food blogger and Instagramer Empty Nesters Kitchen, November 2018

“When somebody takes a bite of, say a chocolate croissant, for the first time, seeing their eyes light up—nothing can beat that.”—Andy Mooney, pastry chef and owner of Red Bench Bakery in Chaska, March 2018

Andy Mooney, Red Bench BakeryAndy Mooney

“I can have a strong voice.”—14-year-old Ariana Feygin, of a lesson she learned while competing on Fox Network’s Master Chef Junior, September 2018

“I’m an African-American mother, a woman trying to start this all on my own, and I’m just so damn determined to make this a reality.”Vanessa Drews, owner of Cheesecake Funk, August 2018

Vanessa Drews, Cheesecake FunkVanessa Drews

“Here’s the thing: When you get to the cabin, you don’t have that pressure to go, go, go. I’ve loved every minute of creating these spaces for my family, because they lead to such great memories. We often pack this place with friends and relatives. But some of the best moments we’ve had were just sitting around the bonfire at night, eating s’mores and telling ghost stories, just us. Here you see another side of your kids that you don’t see at home.”—Betsy Gall, designer, March 2018

Betsy GallBetsy Gall

“I love [the energy of Paris] and the way the French celebrate their architecture, appreciate their antiques and so beautifully juxtapose pieces of history with modern art and furniture.”—Amalia,  Amalia G., September 2018

“The way the fabric, colors and textures work along with the furniture shapes is like a recipe, everything working in perfect harmony together.”—Sara Trosen, Madison House Interiors, September 2018

“This class offered more than just awareness and training. It teaches awareness of surroundings in order to avoid situations that could go bad. It teaches common sense that can be applied to all areas in life. It gives confidence to young women to trust their instincts.”—Lynn, area parent discussing NOT ME! Training, an assault prevention program, May 2019

“People need to realize they’re worth investing in themselves.”—Nathan Servey, D.C. with Power of Life: Alternative and Holistic Health, January 2018

Nathan ServeyNathan Servey

“The Royal Society for Public Health … ranked Instagram as the most harmful social media platform for young people’s mental health, with its usage showing a higher risk of sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety and the dreaded ‘fear of missing out.'”—Luke Igel, APPetizer contributor, June 2018

“We live in a society where we don’t like to talk about death. We don’t know what to say. It’s awkward for everyone involved. On the site, we actually give recommendations and guidance on how to engage a child in conversation.”—Maria Collins, vice president of the New York Life Foundation, November 2018

“I love the look on people’s faces when they feel the log under their feet and get the physics of it.”—Sarah Beron, owner and lead instructor of Blue Ox Log Rolling, December 2018

“There’s a fine line between madness and genius, and I’m no genius. Many of us have good ideas. What separates out the people, who are successful, is a sense of curiosity and the tenacity and grit to just stick with it, to not give up.”—Paul Douglas, longtime Twin Cities meteorologist, media personality, writer and co-founder of two weather-related businesses, April 2018

“Right now, I’m just happy. The key in life is to be happy. That’s success to me.”—James Rothstein, owner of Arboretum Village Furniture, December 2018

James RothsteinJames Rothstein

“If every female in the U.S. bought tampons from women-owned companies LOLA or L. for one year, the females of the U.S. would spend $2.7 billion more with women-owned companies than all venture capital funding did with women-owned companies in 2017.”—Kateri Ruiz, founder and CEO of MAIA, September 2018

“If you’re going to be a business, you’ve got to give back to your community. If you’re not doing something philanthropic, you’re not doing it right.”—Beth Kinard, stylist and colorist at v, December 2018

“I’m interested in how [players are] going to be 30 and 40 and 50 years down the road. What kind of husbands and fathers are they going to be? Hopefully, the experiences they’ve had under my regime [are] going to help them long after game day.”—Tim Triplett, Holy Family Catholic High School’s football coach, September 2018

“I’m always looking for a laugh, and I maintain there is no greater feeling on earth than a deep, uncontrollable belly laugh.”—Steve Patterson, co-anchor of Twin Cities Live (KSTP) and The Donna and Steve Show (FM 107.1), March 2018

“Experience and smarts matter. That said, integrity, humility and curiosity matter more.”Dave St. Peter, president and CEO of the Minnesota Twins, May 2018

“I had three brain surgeries in my sophomore year. I missed a lot of school, and when I went to school, I often felt terrible. But I bounced back. I worked very hard my junior year and raised my GPA.”Aubrey King, Chaska High School Prep Elite 2018

Aubrey KingAubrey King