Our Advisory Board Presents Their Pets!

Meet some of our Advisory Board's beloved pets!

Louie the dog

Some local shop owners welcome pets into their stores and treat them with a little extra retail attention. “Our favorite dog-friendly store is Lotus Lake gifts. Louie likes to visit with Jack and always knows Katie [owner] will have a treat for him,” Julie Lizak says of Louie, 2, a cavalier King Charles spaniel. With this being his first summer with the Lizaks, we have a feeling that Louie will be found paddle boarding and boating on local lakes with the rest of the water-loving crew.

Pippi the chocolate lab

Pippi, a 4-year-old chocolate Labrador, is named after Pippi Longstocking, Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s beloved, plucky, freckled girl in her children’s books series. “Despite being 50 pounds, she truly believes she is a lap dog,” says Lane Patten, M.D., and food blogger on With Two Spoons. “She loves cuddling, sleeping, swimming and riding on the boat up at the cabin. She also loves walking around Staring Lake.”

Lyla the wheaten terrier

Not everyone wants to escape Minnesota winters, including this charming, cold-weather loving gal. “Lyla loves snow, crisp days and the Minnewashta dog park,” Ashley Browning says of Lyla, 8, a soft-coated wheaten terrier. She can also be found around local softball and football fields, watching her human siblings compete for Chanhassen High School.