Morning Reflections on Lake Bavaria

Photographer talks about how ‘looking back’ can yield beautiful results.

Self-taught photographer Nick Peters started four years ago after he and his wife bought a camera to capture images of their new baby daughter. “But then I didn’t use it to take pictures of her,” he jokes.

Peters took the photo titled Morning Reflections on Lake Bavaria when he was driving to work and happened to see the perfect shot, so he turned the car around to go capture it. “A lot of people seem to think that photography happens in front of you, but I find that a lot of the photography happens behind me.”

Peters’ very early morning commute travels along the lake, and he admits to having a lot of photos from various spots around the area because he tries to always “take random routes to get home to see new things and new places,” he says.

Trial and error seems to be a theme for Peters on his self-taught journey with photography. “The biggest thing for me is to just take it slow,” he says. “Constantly learning and in different ways, I say don’t overwhelm yourself and get good at one aspect first and then move onto the next. Take your time because patience is key.”

Though this is a hobby for Peters while he’s not working, he has photographed some portraits, as well as weddings, but he tends to stick with nature as his preferred subject. “When you’re out taking photos, you don’t have to live up to the expectations that people want. If it turns out, great, then you’re satisfied,” he says.

When asked where he displays his work, Peters says, “Oh, I definitely have a lot at our house. If people ask to order or buy something, I’ll gladly do that.” But the most important thing is the shared appreciation for the work. “It’s more satisfying to have someone want it displayed than anything,” he says.