Making the Most of Memories

A lesson learned from Kris Seeler’s photography.

Even for those of us with sharp memories, photographs can serve as an important spark, a portal to past feelings and experiences. Beyond freezing a moment of beauty, or allowing us to see with new eyes, photographs allow us to preserve our memories and revisit our lives.

Eden Prairie resident Kris Seeler, who took this gorgeous snapshot, is a firm believer in this. “I always have my camera with me,” Seeler says, “I try to capture great moments that become memories.” Seeler lists more than half a dozen places she’s snapping photos—at her cabin, on the boat, at family reunions, at the kids’ sporting events—documenting everything with the quick press of her shutter button.

So while viewers praise the beauty of this shot, including the intimate view of the feathery fringes edging the butterfly’s wings, when Seeler sees the photo, she sees a memory.

She remembers enjoying the weather of a Minnesota June in her backyard, and of her children encouraging her to enter the photo in this very contest.

When we think of photography this way, we might find ourselves wanting to take a page from Seeler’s book. Photos keep memories, and memories keep meaning. A photo that seems to tell a story about a butterfly actually tells the story of a mother, her habits and her family life on a day in June.

This image won readers’ choice acclaim in the 2014 Southwest Metro photo contest. This year’s entries will be accepted August 1–31, with readers’ choice voting September 10–30, all online at