September 2013

In the August 2013 issue of Southwest Metro Magazine, you'll meet diet coach Kris Roach, whose experience with candida led her to educate others on alternative detox diets. You'll also learn about Wendel Strong's sandwich recipes and take a look inside the studios of three local artists.

A look inside the studios of three local artists.
A local Victoria man and his father-in-law turned a family recipe into a delicious loaf.
A father's photography habit proves worthwhile.
Find dumplings from around the world in your neighborhood.
Stay in shape and do good with three local 5K runs.
There’s a difference between bullying and harassment—and it’s key for parents to understand it.
A charity organization for moms and daughters is a big hit—and a big help—in the southwest metro.
There’s a wide-variety of detoxification diets on the market —is there one that’s right for you?
The pieces you already own might be the key to giving your home a fresh look.
Take one last sip of summer.
An Eden Prairie Rotarian visits India.
Check out these fantasy/science fiction page-turners.
SoundCheck Music School helps students discover their musical potential.
Catching up with Eden Prairie High School Senior Kevin Bu.
Five creative women team up to create a super shop in Chaska.