October 2012

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Lindsey Tinucci’s “Bluff It” photo was taken above the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Eden Prairie during a walk in the late fall.


With a library of 1,500 chocolate molds, Laketown Chocolates can make just about anything you can dream up in milk, dark or white chocolate.


If you could leave a message for your descendants, what would it be? What would you want them to know about you? That you were a loving parent? What you looked like, or maybe who, or what you loved? 


A new cookbook can help home cooks to step out of the ordinary and inspire flavorful meals suggestive of a chef who has traveled miles tasting exotic foods and perfecting a distinguished palate.


When Jacob Phillips, of Eden Prairie, owned a small car dealership, he was constantly calling mechanics for car repair estimates. Today he is helping car owners sidestep this tedious process by introducing a free online estimate service.


There’s no tour guide and no hay-covered wagon rides. You’re on your own at Screamtown in Chaska.


There’s no need to drive across the metro for your specially-blended teas. TeaSource, a popular St. Paul shop, has moved west into Eden Prairie. The teahouse’s third location is in a space formerly occupied by Dunn Bros.


The End of Everything: A Novel

by Megan Abbott

recommended by Sarah Garbis


Chanhassen Haskell’s franchise owner Mark O’Connor is someone worth chatting with if you’re interested in your next best holiday wine.


 When scrambled eggs and frozen pizza have made themselves a permanent fixture on the dinner rotation, it can be hard to break free. But thankfully, there is an abundant amount of local cooking classes to provide inspiration.

The Next Course from Mackenthun’s


We’re just on the heels of the steamy days of summer, in that middle place between the warm weather and what inevitably comes next. We need to have something sweet to look forward to, to comfort us as we slide into the chilly Minnesota months ahead. Why not let it be dessert?


A look into the wonderfully creative lives of southwest metro artists Deb Zeller, Sara Hanlon, and Kevin Daniel.

Name: Deb Zeller

Location: Victoria


Many indoor hobbies require little space; reading, sewing, stamp collecting. But Eric Wentling’s hobby is the focal point of his recently remodeled basement.