June 2011

Best of the Southwest Metro | Patios | Fly-fishing Rods

Vitamin D levels are up, convertible tops are down, and you’ve been visiting with the neighbors again: It must be summer in Minnesota.



Eden Prairie photographer Gary Stevens was simply doing a favor when he captured this image. “I was asked by dear friends to photograph their extraordinary gardens,” Stevens says. The next thing he knew, this vibrant dragonfly was posing for him.


Joe Rosen, the manager at Von Hanson’s Meats in Chaska, recommends following these tips for grilling meat:


Imagine you are from 1857, you just traveled 4,000 miles with a six-month-old to settle in a remote area of the Minnesota wilderness. Now imagine what kind of house you would build 15 years later.


While Larry Donahe’s creating a bamboo fly-fishing rod in his basement workshop, his mind is often drifting long distances to a stream in Montana or a river in New Jersey.


Nancy Narr had a serious fear of flying. She could get on a flight if she was accompanied by her husband or a close friend, but had to take prescription anti-anxiety medication and managed her panic with a death-grip on her seatmate’s hand.


No matter what else has occupied him in life, Larry Christianson of Waconia has always been driven to write, especially poetry. “I’ve been a poet off and on for the last 35 years, pretty on for the last 20 or 25,” Christianson says.


True shoppers love the thrill of the hunt as much as the stuff they bring home, and the PROP Shop in Eden Prairie has a new volunteer opportunity for thrill-seeking shoppers: the Secret Shopper program.


With hundreds of miles of bike trails crisscrossing the southwest metro, it’s no surprise that the area has attracted another bike shop.


Sweet Tea Vodka—vodka that’s infused with tea—has exploded as the leader in summertime cocktails. There are many brands out there, including Jeremiah Weed, Firefly and Sweet Carolina. Try this recipe for a Fuzzy Fly from Firefly (but feel free to use any sweet-tea vodka).


Daisy and the Dukes, an up-and-coming country band from the southwest metro, is no stranger to the stage. After years of performing in rock bands, lead vocalists Keith and Daisy decided to tap back into their country roots.


The House of Tomorrow

by Peter Boganni

recommended by John Knauss


“We wanted to aggravate ourselves,” jokes Mike Klingelhutz, when asked why he started growing strawberries about six years ago.