July 2012

Best of 2012 | Backyard Beauty

One of the most glorious things about summers in the southwest metro is the vibrant verdure and fragrant flora, fully in bloom and providing proof that Minnesota is more than just desolate winters.


Competitive windsurfers will descend on Lake Waconia this August for the 2012 Kona North American Championships. More than 80 of the world’s best windsurfers will compete to determine the top performers in North America.


Most divorces are difficult, messy, painful situations that can turn once friends and lovers into archenemies, and leaves those in its wake, struggling to navigate through the wreckage. But mediation is one way to make divorce less messy, less difficult, and, well, less painful.


Carver County has never lacked for artists and people interested in the arts, but in the last few years an upsurge of interest locally has supported the efforts of a growing number of people who want to bring artists, learners and art appreciators together.


Motivational speakers Janie Jasin and Chez Raginiak were brought together by a simple question: What’s the right way to do the polka?


Mark Gottschalk has been making art for over 30 years now, but the past three have been mostly spent creating “contemporary interpretations” of fish through the medium of sculpture.


We all love to be rewarded for our loyalty, but keeping track of shoppers rewards cards and remembering to get them punched or stamped can be a major hassle. Enter Point Stack, a community-based shopping program that allows shoppers to accrue rewards from local businesses.


In 1970, 16-year-old Mary Ostazeski Johnson’s paintings brought in over $2,000 at her high school’s art auction. “It was all the motivation I needed... [It was] a mini break-through 'star is born' moment,” Ostazeski Johnson says.


The magazine you’re reading right now could have a second life as a fabulous bracelet. About 200 women in Rakai, Uganda cut magazines into skinny strips, roll them into beads and use them to create necklaces and bracelets.


When now-retired school teachers Rich and Nancy Pudas moved into their two-story Eden Prairie home 27 years ago, they loved the house itself, the half-acre lot, the neighborhood and the location.


Nothing beats a day of perfect weather—breezy, not too hot, with a crystal clear blue sky. What better way to enjoy the sublime conditions than by bringing your meal outside for a picnic?


The sultry days of summer are finally upon us. Along with the warm July temperatures come a bevy of barbecues, outdoor celebrations and afternoons spent picnicking at the beach. This is the perfect time of year to indulge in chilled, thirst quenching drinks and desserts.