July 2012

Best of 2012 | Backyard Beauty

Christina Pilon’s winning photo showcases a bit of Eden Prairie’s floral paradise.
Watch the best wind surfers in the world on Lake Waconia in August.
Mediation is another way to handle the ending of a marriage.
The Arts Consortium of Carver County brings artists, their work and the community together for the enrichment of all.
The new book by Janie Jasin and Chez Raginiak shows how we are connected by the little, yet incredibly meaningful things in our lives.
Eden Prairie artist Mark Gottschalk puts a modern spin on fins.
Victoria’s community-based shoppers’ reward program.
Mary Ostazeski Johnson paints portraits of homes and preserves memories.
Buying a bracelet in Chanhassen helps women and children in Uganda.
Rich and Nancy Pudas took their eyesore of a hill, and turned it into a backyard that is as beautiful as it is tranquil.
Our favorite ready-to-eat picnic foods—just add a blanket.
Chill recipes for the dog days of summer.
The results of our annual readers’ survey highlighting the best restaurants, shops, healthcare and spa services our community has to offer.