July 2011

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The NFL may have been in a state of flux for a chunk of the summer with the lockout, but that doesn’t mean players aren't staying sharp. The Larry Fitzgerald Jr. NFL Football Camp was in full force at Bierman Football Complex at the University of Minnesota throughout most of July.


Environmentally friendly initiatives are springing up in our nation’s economy like daisies in a pavement cracks, and the local restaurant scene is no different.


Deb Zeller, an artist, photographer and co-owner of Parley Lake Winery, shot this photo of grapes in veraison (changing colors) on August 1, 2009.


Your green thumb might be even greener—with envy—after a tour of the six vibrant gardens featured in this year’s Eden Prairie Lioness Garden Tour.


Set out on a shopping adventure that takes you away from the bright fluorescents and airy warehouse atmosphere of the big box stores and into a rabbit hole of whimsy and nostalgia.


Emerging artist Namita Khaire is the essence of the adage, “bloom where you’re planted.” Transplanted more than 7000 miles from her home in India to Eden Prairie, Khaire transcends that distance by incorporating the rich colors of her native culture into her paintings.


Minnesotans have a knack for bringing their favorite wintertime activities into summer contexts: skiing begat waterskiing; ice skating begat inline skating; and, for Northern Pine Longboards in Chaska, snowboarding begat longboarding—and, eventually, a business manufacturing and selling them.


“When it starts pouring and everyone else heads inside, Tom grabs an umbrella and heads outside to watch the rain garden fill up,” says Marilynn Torkelson of her husband’s delight in their newest landscaping venture.


Joe Halbmaier, owner of Synergy Wellness Club in Chaska, wears a lanyard around his neck with a photo of himself 10 years ago.


Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-deficit Disorder

By Richard Louv

Recommended by Heather Peterson


Quench your thirst on a hot day without blowing up your carbon footprint. New Belgium Brewery, located in Fort Collins, Colo., runs on wind power and encourages all of its employees to commute to work on their bicycles.


How many rolls of wrapping paper and tubs of cookie dough does a person really need?


Skylark Cleaning takes the hassle, harmful chemicals and funky smell out of dry cleaning.


As a teen, posture expert and author Janice Novak was nearly 5 foot 10 inches and not particularly excited about getting any taller.


With apparel from Ghana to handmade jewelry from Peru, India and Ecuador, the Fair Trade Gift Store Waconia brings goods from around the world to your fingertips.