January 2013

Perfection in Plymouth|Bye-Bye, Blahs

Eden Prairie’s Gary Stevens was at a party hosted by Tom and Lonnie Anderson when he captured this moment on Mitchell Lake.


You’ve got your reasons for avoiding the gym, but do they really hold up? The southwest metro is home to a growing number of gyms and fitness studios that cater to any schedule or skill level. Say hello to 2013 by leaving these three common excuses behind in 2012.


There’s no question that being a parent is one of the toughest jobs around. From the sleep-deprived first months to the daily discussions with a toddler about wearing socks—and can anybody provide all the answers to those “Why?” questions?


It might be a man’s world, but there are certain corners of the Earth where many men are scared to tread. And, unfortunately, a lot of that feared terrain has to do with fashion.


As most gardens at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum were being put to bed for winter, a new garden began to take shape.


The End of Everything: A Novel

by Megan Abbott

recommended by Sarah Garbis


If the winter blues are starting to set in, mark your calendar for these upcoming events, which will have you singing winter’s praises in no time.

January 13 | The Hunt for Sheldon’s Wrench


Bella Menya is always on the lookout for fashionable fabric. “When I see a unique fabric, I buy it,” she says. “I love color and patterns.”


A new year often means new food resolutions. We begin to look back at the culinary revelry of the recent holidays, and forward, beyond the cold months, to the warmer days of spring and summer when we will shed our bulky sweaters and once again be called to put on shorts and swimsuits.


Many people choose to build their lives in the southwest metro, but, did you know that many businesses also call our communities sweet home? Businesses with nationally- and internationally-known brands have established themselves alongside our neighborhoods.


Megan Doyle stands in front of her kitchen stove, spoon in hand. Dressed in a smart black and white jacket, slacks and black patent leather flats, she lifts the lid and as the steam pours out, she ladles the piping hot rice and bean mixture into a bowl for tasting.


You have to love a sport that was named after the family dog. The cocker spaniel Pickle loved to chase stray balls and hide them in the yard, and in the 1960s when Joel Pritchard invented a new paddle sport, he decided to honor his beloved pooch by calling the game pickleball.