August 2013

In the August 2013 issue of Southwest Metro Magazine, you'll meet the high school all-stars of our communities - the 2013 Prep Elite. You'll also find the best ways for moms to reduce stress, learn about how immigrants in our communities celebrate holidays and sample the best sushi in the southwest metro.

From spicy to sweet—and even smoky—there’s a lot of sushi to sample in the southwest metro.
Stressed mamas can find peace by taming chaotic households, running away, meeting new friends and much more.
These high school seniors are poised to change the world for the better.
Indian immigrants celebrate Indian Independence Day in Eden Prairie.
Local retirees add life to their later years by learning skills and developing new interests.
A Waconia woman uses her golden years to pursue her dreams.
Sara Reeves' children race to support kids with cancer.
Learn how to roll your own sushi at Way-Cool Cooking School.
A new app teaches children to manage pain using integrative medicine techniques.
Victoria’s Anne Velazquez volunteers for the Special Olympics while maintaining good grades and participating in three sports.
Bulk up your reading list for the new school year.
District 112 finds an innovative way to prepare students for life after high school.
Try this refreshing cocktail recommended by a local wine shop.
The photo contest returns August 1. Submissions close August 31.