Luxurious Salon services in Eden Prairie, Waconia, Victoria and Chanhassen for $50 or Less

Salon services for $50 or less help you primp without the price tag.
Spalon Montage nail tech Cailyn Freeman gives a client one of their Moroccan Oil Hydrating Manicures, which range from $32-$38.

Getting the royal treatment at a local salon can be nothing short of heaven on earth. From the cucumber water to the healing massages, there is a certain type of calm that rushes over you upon entering one of these establishments. But when it comes time to pay the bill, the often-high price tag can undo all the relaxation and stress relief that just occurred.

Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case, courtesy of several local spas and salons. We chatted with owners, managers and stylists alike to find the most reasonably priced (and unusual!) services in the southwest metro. Here’s the low-down on some of the best places to be pampered for under $50.

Wax Package for Men
With a full team of professionals, you’ll be in good hands at Salon Spatoria. And while they have many reasonably priced services for women (including a Red Carpet Blowout for just $40!), what really stood out were their men’s services including a brow, ear and nostril wax package for only $35. A great gift for dad, husband and son. Salon Spatoria, 1750 Tower Blvd. Ste. 106, Victoria.

Brow Waxing
Niki Robison is best known for her brow wax, making it what she calls her “signature service.” With a three-week waiting list, this isn’t your typical brow wax. This 30-minute service begins with Robison brow mapping the face to determine where to start and end the brow. She specializes in brow correction and also colors, sculpts, tweezes and waxes.

Finishing off with makeup, Robison teaches you how to properly apply cosmetics to the area so you can continue to look your best. And for only $40, this salon treatment will have your brows looking better than ever. Niki Robison Brow and Skin Studio, 8030 Glen Lane #19, Eden Prairie.

Spray Tan
If there’s ever a month that seems smack dab in the middle of winter, it’s February. The holidays are long over, yet spring seems so far away. And one of the side effects of winter is that your skin seems to match the snow outside. We all know that tanning beds have been proven to damage your skin, but spray tanning causes no such harm. And the technicians over at The Parlour Salon & Spa have a customizable spray tan service for only $30. Unlike other spray tans, The Parlour’s service is not inside a machine. Their specialist sprays you herself, making her better able to cater to each client’s needs. The Parlour Salon & Spa, 7924 Victoria Drive, #206, Victoria.

Infrared Sauna
If you’re looking to rid yourself of the winter blues, Future Concepts Studio + Spa might be the answer. Their Full Spectrum Far Infrared Sauna uses light to create heat and, unlike the traditional sauna, heats your body directly without warming the air around you.

Using chromotherapy lighting, this sauna is often busy in the winter months due to its treatment of seasonal affective disorder. However, the sauna has other benefits as well including detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, cell health and more. A 10-minute session costs $15, a 20-minute session costs $28 and a 30-minute session costs $40. Future Concepts Studio + Spa, 6403 City W. Pkwy, Eden Prairie.

Full Face Threading
Unwanted hair? Look no further than Givan’s Salon and Spa in Eden Prairie. Not only do they offer waxing services (nearly all of which are under $50), they also offer threading services for the brows, lips, chin, jaw line or full face. Using a highly trained specialist in threading, a twisted thread is pulled between the specialist’s fingers and mouth to easily remove unwanted hair in the facial region. Brows are $25, the lips, chin or jaw line is $20 and the full face is $50—and all take just 15 minutes or less. Givan’s Salon & Spa, 9621 Anderson Lakes Pkwy., Eden Prairie.

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Manicure
If your nails are looking like they could use a little extra pampering, head over to Spalon Montage in Chanhassen. Stepping up a typical manicure, Spalon Montage offers a Moroccan Oil Hydrating Manicure ranging from $32-$38. Not only do they do the traditional cuticle care, nail care and polish, but they also use Moroccan Oil nail products that provide extra hydration to dry skin and brittle nails. Spalon Montage, 600 Market St. Ste. 270, Chanhassen.

Brow or Lash Tinting
If you’ve never tried brow or lash tinting, Angela Lutz Aesthetics might be just the place to do it. Both are $30 and can last anywhere from three to six weeks. Using a semi-permanent dye, brow tinting darkens the hairs while enhancing the shape of your brows. And if you’re tired of putting on mascara every day, lash tinting is the thing for you; Lutz applies a vegetable-based dye to the lashes for a bold look. Great for dark or light hair. Plus, for a mere $15 more, you can add-on a collagen eye and lip treatment. Angela Lutz Aesthetics, 8030 Glen Lane #19, Eden Prairie.

Hand or Foot Reflexology Massage
Balance Life Wellness is not your typical salon. In fact, they believe that “taking care of yourself should never be a luxury,” which is why they offer all sorts of wellness services to help you take care of the body you have.

And while they offer the standard 30-minute deep tissue massage and others like it, they also offer a 30-minute hand or foot reflexology. With the belief that the body is connected through these points, the hand or foot reflexology massage stimulates nerve endings, promotes relaxation and healing, and only costs $42.

Or if you prefer workout classes, join in on a yoga or Pilates class: a mere $12. Note: be sure to check to see if your health savings account or insurance plan will cover the cost of either of these services. Balance Life Wellness works with insurance plans. Balance Life Wellness, 138 S. Olive St, Waconia.