Lotus Lake Gifts in Chanhassen

Mother-daughter duo Katie Nordby and Nancy Lund open a boutique in Chanhassen.
Katie Nordby and her mother, Nancy Lund, at Lotus Lake Gifts & Home Decor in Chanhassen.

Lotus Lake Gifts & Home Décor in Chanhassen sells antiques, gifts and home décor made locally by several different artists. Co-owners Katie Nordby and Nancy Lund, Katie’s mother, always wanted to open a store together. After Lund retired from the fragrance industry two years ago, they figured now was the best time. “We wanted this to be a store where women can come together and support each other,” Nordby says.

Nordby has a background in special education and tries to incorporate her work in that area into the store. Currently, an artist who suffers from a traumatic brain injury helps around the shop, and a group of special education students from Chanhassen High School works at the store four days a week.

“The transition from special education to retail is hard,” Nordby says, but despite these challenges she’s glad she opened the store. She installed a toy bin so kids, including her 5-year-old son, can play while their parents shop. “Overall, I want it to be a place that’s family friendly,” Nordby says.