Local Doctor Creates All-natural Deodorant

Shannon Klingman, M.D., created a natural odor control product that addresses a variety of issues.

Take this summer by storm by eliminating sweat-related body odor with Lumē. Chaska resident Shannon Klingman, M.D., is the creator of the natural deodorant.

About 10 years ago, Dr. Klingman, who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, began thinking about ways to address all-over body odor.  “I feel like I am changing the narrative on feminine hygiene,” she says.

According to Princeton Consumer Research, Lumē deodorant is the leading natural odor control product on the market, with no artificial fragrances, aluminum or baking soda. The natural, water-based product is safe to use anywhere on your body—even on the most sensitive skin.
Lumē is clinically tested to give 48 hours of odor protection, and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, Princeton Consumer Research’s leading odor guru was astounded at how well it worked. “This is really a miracle in natural [deodorant] products,” he says. After more than 25 years of testing antiperspirants and deodorant products, Drewitt says he has never seen such a successful natural deodorant. “Not only did it do what it says on the label, this product was actually liked by the panel of women that tested it,” Drewitt says.

With its launch in October, Lumē has had significant impacts on users. One customer contacted Klingman to share the story of her 5-year-old daughter, who was born with a metabolic disorder. Her daughter takes an amino acid supplement, which has a side effect of strong body odor. Until she used Lumē, her daughter had never had an odor-free day in her life—until now.

Klingman is surprised her product can be so helpful for someone as young as 5 years old. “This is the reason I went to medical school,” she says. Although the product is marketed toward women, Klingman says men currently make up a third of Lumē’s market.

Last January, Klingman auditioned for ABC’s Shark Tank in hopes of expanding her brand.