Listen: Brian Vaughan Serves as Pastor of Worship Arts

Brian Vaughan was just 16 when his trombone-playing skills launched him on a journey with The Continental Singers, taking him from his home in Arizona to stages around the world. After 11 seasons of performing and acting as national talent director, Vaughan and his wife, Stefanie, were ready to finish touring. In 1993, he was called to serve Eden Prairie’s Grace Church (then in Edina) as associate pastor of worship arts, where he remains.
The Eden Prairie auditorium holds more than 4,000 people, hosting some of the largest conferences and concerts on the west side of the Twin Cities. Each Sunday features a full-scale production, streaming worldwide with bands, worship teams, video segments and more. Vaughan is humble in his post. He quotes his fellow worship leader, Jeremy Thomas, “We are not the point; we are the pointers.” Vaughan says, “God and people come first here at Grace ... and by the way, we do music. The production elements are simply a means to communicate effectively.”

Vaughan often steps off stage to share his heart with the audience. His humble personality is often seen away from church,  whether it’s helping a custodian unstack chairs, asking how the barista’s day is going, assisting someone in the lobby or taking someone out to lunch.

—Carol Zimmerman
Local musician