Listen: Artist Is in Tune with Local Talent

Under the rim of a baseball cap, long hair frames the always smiling face of Steve Kelzer.  It’s not hard to picture Kelzer riding on a tractor out in the fields of his Chaska family farm or feeding the cows. It’s harder to picture such a gentle soul on a stage in the spotlight, but that’s where he got his start, performing and writing musical scores for many Children’s Playhouse Theatre productions, as well as playing keyboard in a number of rock and jazz bands.

In the quiet months of winter, when his farm lies dormant before spring planting, Kelzer creates music and art from his home. The Art Consortium of Carver County charged Kelzer with organizing local artists to contribute an original song for its annual CD compilation, The Songwriters and Musicians of Carver County.

If a contributing musician needs a new song recorded, Kelzer is able to help with its full production in his home recording studio. Walking up to the second floor studio, one passes through his farmhouse, which boasts yet another of his many talents. Wood crafted cabinets, beautiful heirloom furniture and wooden art pieces reassure artists that their music will be in very capable hands.

—Carol Zimmerman
Local musician