Links to the Past

The name Hazeltine has become synonymous with the Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska. The golf course was named after its most charming feature, Lake Hazeltine.  All this prompts the obvious question, “Who or what is Hazeltine?”  

Susan Hazeltine was Carver County’s first schoolteacher. She began teaching during the fall of 1855 in a schoolhouse located on the north shore of what was then known as Lake Givassa. Several years later, an early surveyor known only as Mr. Adams, married Hazeltine.  It was Adams who renamed Lake Givassa, Lake Hazeltine, in honor of his wife.

Flash forward 100 years. In 1958, two investment firms were formed to purchase 1,395 acres, including some of the same land the schoolhouse once stood on. The purchase price was $1.15 million. The two firms developed 184.9 acres of the land into the Hazeltine National Golf Club and the remainder into residential and commercial interests. Hazeltine National Golf Club was completed in the fall of 1962. Hazeltine Village broke ground in 1965.   

One has to wonder what Hazeltine would think if she saw Lake (Givassa) Hazeltine today.

Wendy Petersen Biorn
Executive director, Carver County Historical Society