The Key to Getting Healthy? Gardening

A woman gardening.
Achieve health and wellness through gardening.

Have you considered gardening as a way to bring your body and mind into alignment? Nature can improve your mood, making you feel more at peace.

Gardens can help with depression and anxiety and provide inspiration for patients recovering from serious conditions. The medical community is rediscovering their healing power and is implementing therapy programs around green spaces.

Consider this:

  • People spend a large percentage of their time indoors, leading a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle. Gardening gives the opportunity to focus on the beauty of nature and reduces stress.
  • Feeling a profound connection to the earth inspires feelings of awe and gratitude.
  • Burn calories and use muscles to move and lift while gardening.
  • Larry Dossey, M.D., writes: “The importance of gardening and ‘digging deep’ is written into our physiology ... We know that children, who are exposed to dirt in the formative years, develop healthier, stronger immune systems ... and they have a lower incidence of asthma, eczema and allergies ... Exposure to dirt in childhood promotes good health.”

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